Discover all of the types of guardrails sold and produced by Vetrolux

Guardrails or railings produced and marketed by Vetrolux s.r.l. in Ravenna are glass and aluminium structures used as rails, handrails and fences. The guardrails are tested and certified for thrust resistance and are made with layered safety glass.
Maior Balaustrade by Faraone is an aluminium and glass guardrail with a stainless steel-type finish that remains unchanged over time, with 0 maintenance guaranteed by compliance with the regulations for public and private locations. Floor or fascia mounting. Thrust resistance 200 kg/m.
Ninfa Balaustrade by Faraone, the adjustable glass guardrail with profile in anodized or painted aluminium with 8+8 tempered glass with thrust resistance of 200 kg/m to be floor mounted or embedded.
Balaustrade with mounting system with floor front ball joints by Faraone in layered, tempered glass, 10+10 pvb 1,52 polished ground edge, throunst resistance 200 kg/m.

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