Safety glass

Discover all of the types of safety glass sold and produced by Vetrolux

Safety glass produced and marketed by Vetrolux s.r.l. in Ravenna is tested and certified to guarantee maximum safety in the event of breakage.
There are various types of safety glass and depending upon their function, different processes are performed.
Layered glass is made up of two or more panes of glass held together by plastic. It is safety glass because it holds together when broken.
Tempered glass is glass that is subjected to a thermal shock, which promotes hardening. Highly resistant to temperature and mechanical changes, tempered glass is also safety glass because upon breaking it shatters into very small, non-sharp pieces.
Shatterproof glass is resistant to impact and is also safety glass because it is layered and burglary-proof. It is obtained by combining one or more sheets of glass with a thicker plastic.
Armoured glass is tested and certified as bulletproof so it is also a type of safety glass.
Soundproof glass can insulate areas from outside noise.
Glass for vehicles and cars is flat or curved, tempered and layered, certified and tested. Upon breaking it is not hazardous and does not injure people.
REI class firewall glass, the fireproof glass produced and marketed by Vetrolux is class REI so not only does it protect from fire and smoke, but also from the heat of the fire.

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